Roberto Cavalli accuses Michael Kors of copying him


It would appear not everybody is very happy about Michael Kors becoming such a success in the fashion world.

As we reported last week,  Kors was declared a billionaire recently so does it come as any surprise that his biggest critic is a fellow designer?

Italian designer, Roberto Cavalli has accused Kors of copying him saying: “Mr. Michael Kors, he copies everything. It’s really a scandal and nobody has the courage to say anything. It’s really not fair.”

The accusation comes only a few months after another tirade on Kors by Cavalli when he said to in December: “I just want him [Kors] to stop copying me! Stop!”

Hmm, could this be a case of sour grapes seeing as more women buy Kors designs because more women can actually afford them?

Cavalli is never one to shy away from having issues with the fashion industry, and he has many: “There is less creativity. There’s been nothing truly new since the 1950s, except many sneakers.”