Rita Ora suffers embarrassing Twitter fail


Rita Ora has been left red-faced for the second time this week.

The star, whose boyfriend Ricky Hil started a punch-up at a glitzy Hollywood party on Wednesday night, has suffered a pretty epic Twitter fail this time around.

Rita was in high spirits as she sent out a message to fans saying: “Dropping my new song Monday if this gets 100,000 retweets.”

However, despite having a 3.94 million-strong legion of followers, the singer’s attempt to rally support fizzled and died in fairly spectacular fashion.

When the R.I.P singer only managed to drum up 2,000 retweets, it didn’t look likely that she was going to hit her target, and she went on to delete the original call to action.


Some of her followers were quick to pick up on the situation, with Rita retweeting a message that read: “Where [are] her 3.9m followers at when you need them?”

The singer went on to undo the action, removing any trace of the campaign.

Why not drop it anyway and show them what they’re missing, Rita?