Rihanna wins the latest round in this Twitter war!


This feud doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon, as Rihanna decided to add ultimate insult to injury when it comes to this so called Twitter war with Charlie Sheen.

Charlie went on a twitter rant yesterday after he and his fiancée were apparently snubbed by the Stay singer at a posh restaurant in L.A.

And Rihanna being Rihanna, of course tweeted a response to Charlie’s rant, simply saying not to “get his diapers in a twist”.

Charlie then went onto to send an open letter to TMZ, in which he said was flattered to be called “a queen” and basically further insulted Rihanna in the process telling her “English is not her primary language”.

But Rihanna didn’t leave it there, not only did she return to the scene of where it all began, the said restaurant where Charlie and his fiancée where apparently snubbed.

But RiRi even went on to pose with a fan outside the restaurant. Ouch!

It doesn’t end there, Rihanna also recently changed her Twitter background picture to a photo shopped image of her signing an autograph for a fan who looks a lot like Charlie Sheen

RiRi has won this round.