A deputy just ‘dabbed’ in the Dáil and we don’t know WHERE to look


Richard Boyd Barrett was in the Dáil today to talk about the misuse of drugs in Ireland, but nobody could help notice his attempt at the 'dab'.

For those of you who haven't a notion what the 'dab' is (we're in that boat too), it's the new dance craze sweeping the world of social media.

It involves throwing one hand up in the air at a 45 degree angle and then throwing your other hand up to cover your face. Let's just say it's the macarena of 2016.

Just have a look at Deputy Boyd Barrett:

Get it? 

We were equally confused when we saw this, but Richard was there to talk about a very serious topic – the misuse of drugs in the country.

“We need to start to listen to young people, and the people who work with them, and the people in disadvantaged communities."

“One thing I promised some of the young people in my area I’d do in the Dáil because they said: ‘what do you guys do in there? Do you have any idea what’s going on?’

“And they asked me to do something, which is a bit of street language – from the street. When kids are trying to make a positive statement on the street they do a thing called a dab. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, it’s like that," he said.

*Que the dabbing*

“I don’t know what it means – but we need to learn what it means. Learn what young people are talking about, what matters to them, what they consider positive activity. Support them, resource them and fund them, rather than this misguided nonsense.”