‘Rich Girl Hair’: the hot new hair look that is everywhere!


Rich Girl Hair. It’s the hot new hair look of the season and seems to be everywhere – but what IS it?!

Well, it seems it can be defined by The Cut as: “long, straight hair with a diffused curl so subtle it’s more like a bend.” Alternatively, they described it as: “the kind of hair you’d see on fancy Italian women in the 1980’s.”

Natural and simple, think a slightly more relaxed Kate Middleton curl and you’re half way there! Designers such as Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung went for the RGH for their model’s at this season’s New York Fashion Week, with the aim being to: “make the girls look as beautiful as possible, in the most natural way.”

But what makes the Rich Girl Hair so different to the ‘bedhead’ look of seasons ago (or this morning in our case) or the relaxed, outdoorsy look of beach waves? Well, it seems the RGH look is defined by the fact that it is still groomed – just not over styled. Unlike beach waves, the hair is ‘smooth and clean’ with no crunchy texture often attained with a beach wave look.

To get the look, brush well-conditioned and sleek hair before very lightly curling pieces with an iron – only hold for a few moments, we are looking for a bend here, rather than an obvious curl.

If you have naturally wavy hair then hurrah, just get out of bed, brush your hair, add some serum for shine and off you go – you lucky gal!