Taking away our phones gives us all some pretty MAJOR stress


We're pretty much addicted to our phones.

So, when recent research found that removing phones from young people gives them stress, it's not that shocking.

OK… so we shouldn't have anxiety similar to a post-traumatic stress patient, but it's understandable for us to be a little off without our Androids by our side.

Other generations might think this is ridiculous, but we're the generation that grew up with our mobiles constantly in our pockets.

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A smartphone isn't only a phone to us; it's an alarm, it's a calendar, it's a diary, a phonebook… We have the Internet, emails, texts, calls, music and more all in one bundle. 

Yes, it may be bad that our lives are basically in our phones; but, that's just the way it is – and it's probably not going to change.

While some may think that we only use our phones for Facebook or playing Kim Kardashian's game; that couldn't be further from the truth.

We make business contacts, we organise meetings, we talk to our friends who are abroad, we keep up with our interests.

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According to the Metro, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest conducted the research which consisted of 87 people aged between 18 and 26.

The scientists took away their phones and locked them in a cupboard, which obviously caused a little panic.

The researchers write, "The results support that humans form attachment toward their mobile: they seek the proximity of the mobile and show stress response upon separation."

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Some people separated from their phones displayed a heart rhythm associated with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The author wrote that were "poor, poor snowflakes." *Sighs*

A phone is a material thing, so we shouldn't be that stressed out when separated from it. 

BUT, it's 2017 and taking into account the way we grew up… we're not 'poor, poor snowflakes'; we're just living in a world that is constantly on the go.

And we don't want to miss out.