So, Reebok offered Trump a helpful guide on how to speak to women

Earlier this week, Donald Trump travelled to Paris where he met with French President, Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte.

After sharing a handshake with France's first lady, Trump began to compliment her “physical shape” and things got really awkward

"You're in such good shape. She's in such good physical shape. Beautiful," Trump said.

Of course, the inappropriate comments sparked a huge amount of backlash online, with Reebok even stepping in to school the President on how to speak to women.

The sportswear brand compiled a simple guide to help Trump realise the appropriate time to tell a woman: “You’re in such good shape… beautiful.”

As expected, the answer was never, except if you had just found “a forgotten action figure from your youth, unscathed after decades, in your parents’ basement”.

While Trump supporters denounced Reebok’s post, many Twitter users appreciated the sarcastic manner in which the company replied to the comments and the post has since received over 47,000 likes.