Actress takes up pole dancing to stay on the straight and narrow


Lindsay Lohan has taken up pole dancing in her bid to stay sober and not revert to her partying ways.

To keep herself occupied during her ongoing rehabilitation, the Mean Girls actress has taken to spinning around the pole, which she says is “empowering”.

The actress showed off her moves in the latest episode of her reality show Lindsay which follows her rehabilitation, backed by chat show legend Oprah.

The 27-year-old, who completed a 90-day stint in rehab last summer as part of plea deal with police, has previously struggled with alcohol and substance abuse.

In the documentary, she admits, “I’m sober but I’ve been very close [to relapsing]. It’s come very close and it’s really scary.”

Talking about her new hobby, Lindsay said, “It’s actually a really good workout. It’s really empowering for women to get to know your body and yourself”

“I like doing that kind of workout and I sweat more doing that than I do doing yoga, or getting on a treadmill, or anything else.”