Rebekah Vardy puts her Dancing on Ice partner in the hospital


Dancing on Ice will be returning to our screens this Sunday, with a whole host of celebrities taking to the ice with their professional skating partners.

However, it’s been reported that TV personality, Rebekah Vardy has ended up putting her professional partner Andy Buchanan in hospital after a tragic accident while they were training.

After being rushed to hospital, it was revealed that Rebekah, who’s married to Leister City footballer Jamie Vardy, had “sliced" Andy's "face open,” and actually ended up scarring it.


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“I seem to be the only one who’s ended up hurting my pro, putting him in hospital,” the 38-year-old model confessed.

“I do apologise. No, it was awful; I think I’ve just come to terms with scarring his face,” she added, before going on to explain how the accident occurred.

“We were practising a trick and we changed it slightly from something that we would normally do – and we did it on a daily basis and everything would go right and nothing would go wrong.”

“On this occasion, it went very wrong and the back of my heel and my blade sliced his face open. He was fine. All he was concerned about was making sure that he could skate the next day, where I was not interested in that in the slightest, I just wanted to make sure that he was okay.”

“It was quite scary. But it brings back the realisation that what we’re doing is really bloody dangerous, but he’s fine. It’s a bit dramatic but he’s okay.”

The new series of Dancing on Ice is set to launch on ITV this Sunday, at 6pm. Make sure to tune in!