Reasons you got unfriended on Facebook

Notice a certain decrease in your Facebook friends recently? Well, here are just a few of the possible scenarios that probably got you unfriended in the first place.

School friends
Let’s face it, you two haven’t seen each other in over seven years so, is it really that surprising? If your honest with yourself you’ve no interest with what’s going in their lives and if they hadn’t unfriended you in the first place, well you probably would have sooner or later.

Too many friends
Nothing personal but, this person simply had too many Facebook friends and unfortunately you didn’t make the cut.

Different opinions
It can happen and in the long run you’re probably better off, as you’re only going to get into nasty commentary debates on Facebook that never end well.

Post too much
This can be a common sign that you might be spending too much time online? There’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself but, posting every five minutes will definitely give someone cause to block you from their newsfeed or remove you altogether.

If you can’t talk about something on Facebook, then it’s probably best you don’t post a vague, annoying status about it.  Because nothing annoys your Facebook friends more, than Vaguebooking.