Reasons to embrace your pale skin

Most of us Irish ladies have been blessed with a gorgeous naturally pale skin tone. Unfortunately, many people feel the need to cover it up with fake tan thinking they need to be the same colour as their darker counterparts.

But it’s time to stop covering up and embrace your paleness – here’s why:

It’s who you are
Ladies, it’s time to stop thinking you need to look a certain way. Being pale is who you are so embrace it. If you don’t love you for you, how will anyone else?

Fake tan can go wrong
Yes fake tan is great for when you want to wear a particular colour item of clothing that simply won’t go with pale skin, but it can go wrong. Seriously wrong.

We are all different
Nobody is the same and that is what makes this world a beautiful place. If we all looked like each other it would make for a pretty boring place.

Looking for inspiration? Think of Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud – now that is a girl who embraced her paleness.