Reasons he might want to take a “break”


Is it just us or is ‘going on a break’ worse than actually breaking up? When you break up with someone, you both know where you stand; going on a ‘break’ however, just sends you off to a land of confusion.

Since every relationship is different, it would be wrong to generalise what a ‘break’ actually means. But, here are a few common reasons people tend to pull a ‘Ross and Rachel’:

He isn’t man enough to tell you it’s over 
Yes, it’s possible he’s just slowly breaking up with you and before you know it, two weeks apart turns into months apart.

There’s someone else on the scene
Someone shiny may have just popped into his life and he wants a test drive.

He’s bored
He still wants you, but he also wants a change – trying to have his cake and eat it.

On a positive note, your other half may genuinely need some time to figure things out. You never know, you two might even appreciate each other a lot more afterwards.