‘Shocked’: Snow Patrol’s Johnny had THIS to say about Harry Styles


The world may know him as the (once) long-haired cheeky chap from One Direction, but it sounds like no one knows Harry Styles as well as Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid does.

Opening up during a recent interview, Johnny revealed that Harry has so much more to give the music industry than anyone realises – something he learned during their private jam sessions. (Yeah, we know!)

"I've been friends with Harry for a long time, and we've written together a lot," he explained. "He's really authentic and he has an incredible voice, so we've been writing a lot of songs. "

While the 22-year-old Cheshire lad may have been tarred with the boy band brush (due mainly to being part of a boy band obvs), it seems Johnny has high hopes for his pal.

"I'm really excited by the way he's sounding at the minute, he's such a talent," Johnny explained. "I think the world is going to be really shocked at what he comes up with."

According to Hello! Johnny doesn't have an exact date for the epic debut, but he did insist certain pieces of clothing would leave our body with excitement.

"I don't know about soon, I don't know how long that is. But I would imagine that Harry would come up with something that's going to be pretty special, and from what I've heard, it'll blow the socks off the world," he said.

Well, in that case, pass the slippers.

Centre image: Getty