Reality TV star makes admission about her weight


TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh has admitted that she was addicted to exercise following her break-up from co-star Mario Falcone. The reality TV star, whose healthy habits have been chronicled in her ventures such as Results With Lucy, made the revelation to Fabulous magazine, saying: “I was addicted to exercise. It wasn’t about being thin, but it made me happier so I’d do it a lot more.”

However, it wasn’t long before Lucy realised she had taken things too far, saying that the admission to herself came during a shopping trip: “After that [photo] shoot I went shopping and properly looked at myself in the changing room mirror. I thought, ‘Ok, I’m too thin. I need to put on weight’, so I made a conscious effort to eat a bit more and not exercise as much.”

Lucy, who is now dating Olympic gymnast and TV personality, Louis Smith, says that while she still loves to exercise a lot, she now knows what works for her and her body: “I don’t feel good when I don’t [exercise]. But I am not obsessive any more. I work out to stay fit and lean, not to lose weight.”

We're glad she has found a happy medium and it is really refreshing to see a celeb admit that they put hard work in to gain results.