Reality star breaks down in tears during heartbreaking farewell

After nine series together, it's no surprise that the Geordie Shore gang are a close-knit group.

So when Vicky Pattison announced on air that she would be leaving the show, the tears came flooding in. The 24-year-old revealed to the media back in October that she would be exiting Geordie Shore at the end of the current series – and in last night's episode she was seen confirming the news to her co-stars.

"I love every single person here in their own way, which is why what I’m about to say is so hard," she said to her pals. “I promised I couldn’t leave you and I said I’d come back…but I can’t stay. I’ve loved every single minute of doing this with you but unfortunately for me, it’s over."

Vicky described the choice as "one of the hardest decisions [she has] ever had to make," and broke down in tears as she admitted she no longer belonged on the show, saying, "It’s just not for me anymore.”

The star's close pal Charlotte Crosby became overwhelmed with tears, saying, "How can she leave us? She’s like our sister and I can’t imagine going one day in this house without her.”

Scott Timlin was equally shocked, adding, "I'm literally f*****g devastated. I can't believe she's actually leaving and I don't know what to say."

Although Vicky originally claimed that she had chosen to leave Geordie Shore to spend time with her boyfriend James Morgan, the couple have since split up and the star has admitted her exit from the show was more of a business choice. "This is a pivotal point in my career and if I don’t strike while the iron’s hot, someone else will leave Geordie Shore or TOWIE and take my opportunities," she said in an interview last month.

We wish her all the best!