‘Re-imagined in Disney form’: This guy’s wedding proposal was… WOW


Now, we all know that no matter what, all proposals are special and unique in their own way – but you need to see what this guy got up to.

Advertising agent Jason Shoffman really went out of his way to surprise his bride-to-be recently.

His girlfriend, Simone, is a major Disney fan and in Jason's Youtube video, he explains that whenever she's sad she'll watch a Disney to cheer herself up.

Well, one day Jason decided to bring his girlfriend to a Disney art exhibition, yet what she didn't know was that it turned out to be an exhibition of their life together.

Taking inspiration from different movies, Jason depicted different moments of their time together and made them into cartoon version.

He was even super careful and put dates on each picture, as if they were a movie poster.

The prints were full of personal detail, and instead of writing Walt Disney on the top, he combined both of their last names and wrote, "Goffy," instead.

We really can't get enough of this.