Public QUADRUPLE fundraising goal for victim of Maynooth assault


The university town of Maynooth was left stunned this week after a first year Arts student was brutally assaulted in a quiet residential area just minutes after alighting a bus in the town centre.

18-year-old Kym Owens from Castleblayney sustained serious injuries during the attack which took place shortly after 8pm last Sunday evening in the town's Moyglare Abbey estate.

Reacting to the news of the young woman's assault, Ian Marten from Dublin established a gofundme page in order to help Kym and her family during the teen's recovery process.

And it has, thus far, quadrupled its goal, having reached €4,195 in just three days.

Commenting on his decision to reach out to Kym and her family, Iam explained: "I work in Maynooth as a carpenter and I see so many students here."

"I have a wee girl myself, she's 12. I just felt so bad for her and it was an absolutely horrible thing that happened."

Ian, who states he is no relation to Kym on the fundraising page, simply felt he needed to help in some way, saying: "I lost everything two years ago, I had depression and all the rest of it, so I know what it's like when it's hard."

"That's all it was, just an act of kindness in the sh***y world we live in," he said.

Like countless others, Ian was stunned by the random attack last weekend, and wanted to provide an outlet for people to help the Owen family if they felt inclined.

"I don't even know the girl or her family. Up until this morning I didn't even know her name," he said. "I think this just struck a chord with everybody."

Members of the public have the option of leaving a message alongside their donation, with some taking the opportunity to share their thoughts with the family.

"It's a disgrace that one human can do this to another," wrote one. "I hope you make a full recovery, find out who's responsible and also be able move on with your life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you."

Kym is currently receiving medical treatment in Blanchardstown Hospital.