Proof that hangovers and exams are pretty much the same thing

1. Waking up is an ordeal of drastic proportions


Everything hurts. Why can’t I just stay here in my cave of comfort? It’s not fair.

2. I’m sick, I’m definitely sick


Everyone’s first thought in the morning, whether it’s before going to the library or if you’re dying from the night before. This thought has run through everyone’s mind at some stage.

3. Shower time is the best time


Literally the best 15 – 20 minutes of the day. However, the moment you vacate the bathroom the sunshine starts to disappear and your world is filled with darkness once again.


4. Pigging out


Ah fridge, my trusted food friend. You can always fill my hunger void. Comfort me. I need someone to love me as much as you do.

5. Vegging out/procrastination


^ Said no person ever.


6. Feeling sorry for yourself


Why is my life so hard? Why do bad things happen to good people? I didn’t even drink that much? *Your bank balance says otherwise..

7. I can’t wait to sleep again


What is life? I can’t go on. I need sleep. I need my bed.


Just hide away from the outside world for the rest of the day. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t go anywhere.

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