Pro Green talks about wife Millie’s Made in Chelsea “friends”


Professor Green has been married to former Made in Chelsea star, Millie Mackintosh, since September 2013.

It was well publicised at the time that the rapper wanted nothing do with the reality TV show or any of Millie’s so-called friends on it, especially Spencer.

And according to Professor Green’s recent interview with Heat, those feelings haven’t changed! When asked if he keeps up with the show, he answers a simply, but affirmative “nooooo”.

Ok, sheesh, we get it!

It doesn’t sound as if Millie has kept up with many of her Made in Chelsea friends either as Pro Green says: “She’s only friends with one of them.”

Ouch – which one?! Rosie – it’s definitely Rosie.

It sounds as if Millie is well and truly over Made in Chelsea which we are soooo not happy about!

Here’s an epic Millie moment just to remember the good days: