Poor Leo, always the nominee never the winner


Not that he needs reminding, but poor Leonardo Di Caprio has been up for five Academy Awards but has never won an Oscar.

However, the Wolf of Wall Street star still manages to have a laugh about it. While he was attending the Academy Award’s annual luncheon for nominees (annual luncheon, excuse me), The Great Gatsby actor took out a small white card for a journalist, pointed at a part that said ‘five nominations, zero wins’ and said “Zip!”.

He added: “It’s quite interesting. People think I feel I’m overdue for something. Anyone wants to be accepted by their peers, but the truth is every year is unique and everyone is just going to vote for who they think is worthy.”

The actor, who is up against Christian Bale, Bruce Dern, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Matthew McConaughey this year, went on to say: “I’ve had the same mentality ever since I got my first movie. I got my foot in this door and I am going to continue to jam it in there.”

Aw, poor Leo – fingers crossed for this year.