Photo series shows universal cuteness of six-week-old pups


A photographer’s adorable series of photos shows just how universally cute puppies are!

Photographer J Nichole Smith, who has been a professional pet photographer for 10 years, snapped portraits of 25 breeds of puppies for her book Puppyhood to show just how different – and adorable – each dog can be at the same age.

The photographer said the project, which took 30 days to complete, was the “single best assignment I’ve ever had!”

And we can see why!

“All the puppies in the book were photographed at six weeks of age,” she said. “This stipulation allowed us to use life-size images of each pup, we wanted all of the puppies to be the same age. This way, the drastic differences in size from breed to breed would be emphasized.”

The pictures show a combination of pure-bred pups and mixed-breed ones including Basset Hounds, French Bulldogs and Irish Settlers.

Altogether now… Awwwwwwww!



Pup 4