Perfect gifts for your best friend that won’t break the bank


Birthdays can be daunting when you have no money, so we’ve compiled a list of cute and thoughtful gifts you can get for your best friend that won’t leave you destitute.

1. Collage
Build a cute collage with photos of you and your bestie.

2. Cake/sweets/cookies
If she is a sweet lover then get creative and make her favourite – maybe marshmallows, yum! Otherwise, who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies or cheesecake?

3. Friendship necklaces or bracelets
They don’t have to be expensive, you can get really cute ones for cheap many places.

4. Body moisturiser
This is so easy to make yourself. Grab a cute bottle or jar. Get some almond and olive oil, essential oils and cinnamon sticks or vanilla pods to decorate. Combine everything in the bottle, make a cute label and wrap it up. Pretty as a picture!

5. Photo album
Get all of your favourite photos together and make a photo album.

6. Candles
Everyone loves candles that smell amazing and there are some great budget-friendly ones out there.

7. Books
Books can be personal and not too expensive if you do it right. Check online for cheaper prices and write a note on the inside jacket.

8. Hot chocolate set
Buy a cute mug, some hot chocolate mixture, marshmallows and a spoon and wrap it all up.