People are explaining their jobs really badly on Twitter, and it’s GAS


We all tell our girlfriends our greatest anecdotes from work, but how would you describe your job to a stranger?

Twitter users have taken to the social media site to discuss their occupations, but they're doing it in the worst possible way, much to our amusement. 

The tweets are explaining what people really do all day when it comes down to it, and some of the explanations are truly hilarious.

Take the Reverend, who describes herself by saying: "I've married many men, and I know where all the bodies are buried."

Some of the occupations are complete mysteries to us, while others are more obvious.

We're pretty sure that "I pick strangers up in a white van" is an ambulance driver, while "I create imaginary friends and send them on epic adventures" has to be a film writer. 

There are some pretty funny occupation explanations in the tag, which is currently trending.

How would you badly describe your job?