Overjoyed actress announces surprise Christmas engagement!


Former Skins star Kaya Scodelario, who played the ever-complex Effy in the hit teen drama, announced some very exciting news on Instagram this weekend!

The 23-year-old actress, who also played Teresa in sci-fi- thriller film The Maze Runner this year, took a moment to thank her boyfriend Benjamin Walker for making her the ‘happiest woman in the world’ by proposing.

The overjoyed actress posted a romantic snap of the couple kissing alongside her sweet words.

The pair have had a long-distance relationship since they began dating a few months ago, but Kaya was determined not to let the small issue of geography get in the way of their blossoming romance.

The actress who will be starring in The Maze Runner sequel next year commented on their set-up, saying: “Ben lives in New York and I live in London, so we have to work hard to see each other. You have to go for it, which I like.” Looks like their determination paid off!

32-year-old Benjamin, who was once the son-in-law of veteran actress Meryl Streep while married to her daughter Mamie, is best-know for his role in fantasy action film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Congrats to the happy pair!