Over half of Irish women want a man with a decent-sized toolbox


According to us Irish ladies, Mr Right must know his way around a toolbox.

A recent survey, carried out by RaboDirect, revealed that just over 50 per cent of Irish women are looking for a man who is good at DIY.

He must be good with a hammer and be able to get to grips with a power drill, according to the survey.

Similarly, the survey says that 54 per cent of men want a girlfriend who is good in the kitchen.

And we thought we had moved on!

It seems most men – a whopping 84% – are still pretty old fashioned at heart and insist on offering to pay the entire cost of the first date.

However, the survey says only one in 10 women would make a similar offer though more than half now happily offer to split the bill.

It’s only fair!