Outrage as homeless haven Apollo House faces demolition


Dublin City Council has given the green light to plans to demolish Apollo House.

The Apollo House office building, which previously stood empty, is currently being occupied by the Home Sweet Home coalition of housing activists and homeless people.

The building is currently operating to capacity, and provides food and shelter to those in need 

The Tara Street building is part of a €50,000,000 plan, set in motion back in June, for redevelopment of the area, which will include new offices and a public plaza.

Hawkins House next door may also be redeveloped. 

"It's right and appropriate the artist community are standing up and saying we need to change our ways so everyone can live in this city…It's impossible to live at the moment. You can’t rent here,"  said Green Party leader Eamon Ryan.

He believes that while the occupation of the site would not solve the homeless crisis, it was a step in the right direction.

"It's is a symbolic step, but an important step to say we need to be doing more."

The Home Sweet Home volunteers are currently sheltering up to 35 occupants a night at Apollo House, but say that their capacity could be increased to 60. 

People have taken to Twitter to express their outrage over the demolition plans.