Our #FitFam winner Siobhan O’Hagan shares top fitness tips

​​​​Siohan O'Hagan took home the #FitFam award at this year's inaugural SHEmazing HP Awards, and it's not hard to see why.

The personal trainer adopted a fitness regime that totally transformed her body and mind and through the power of social media, she is inspiring thousands of others to do the same.

Fitness was always a part of Siobhan's life, but she admits that she didn't take it too seriously. 

Like most of us, she would try to squeeze in a few gym sessions each week while also make time to indulge in a few drinks at the weekend. 

''I was always into fitness – it went along side my social life.''

After growing tired of the same old routine, Siobhan decided it was time to make a change and so she started to take a more serious approach to her training.


Nothing can kill my vibe these days

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Everyone has to start somewhere, and believe it or not even Siobhan struggled to make fitness a priority at the beginning.

''It was absolute hell… I was just exhausted, but I knew I was doing it to make a change.''

However, with the right mind set and a huge sense of determination Siobhan was able to power through and in November 2014 she began to document her progress on Instagram.

She quickly gained a significant following and less than three years later ohfitness_ie boasts over 85,000 followers. 

Siobhan qualified as a personal trainer in June 2015, and since then has launched her online training program OH Fitness Factory.

The focus here is not on weight loss, but rather it's about ''educating females on nutrition and training.''

So, if you're thinking about starting you own fitness journey, here are Siobhan's top tips:

Keep it simple 

Eat whole foods and move more. Start by making small, manageable changes to your daily routine. 

Build Muscle

The more muscle on your body, the more calories you'll burn in your every day life. 

Get a personal trainer

There's no point paying for a gym membership when you have no idea what you're doing. If you're serious about getting fit let a professional guide you through the process. Not only are you more likely to stay motivated, but you'll also see results faster.

Trust the process 

You won't see immediate results, and that's OK. Fitness is a long term process, so keep going.

Get in the right mindset

'Mindset is huge' according to Siobhan. As well as looking at the physical changes, you need to focus more on how you want to feel. All the small decisions you make each day will effect your goal.