Our fave celebrity make-up inspirations

We’re jealous of celebs for many reasons – all their money, mostly, but also their make-up. Here we have chosen out biggest celebrity inspirations for each part of the make-up routine. Their make-up are what we aspire to on a Saturday night!

First off – foundation:
It’s got to be Emma Stone. She really knows how to perfect that ‘I’m wearing foundation but I don’t look like I’m wearing foundation’ thing. She’s pale too, so her flawless finish is within reach for us Irish gals, which is always good. Her make-up artist says she uses Chanel’s Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation – so if you’re looking for a way to spend some of your hard earned cash, then there you have it!

Next – the contour
Well we couldn’t not choose Kim K, now could we? She’s almost as famous for her expert contouring as she is for that sex tape. She even showed fans how she managed it. It’s all about light and shade people. Light and shade.

Eye envy
So this SHEmazing! writer may have a slight obsession with P!nk, but she does rock some pretty cool eye make-up from time to time. Our teenage selves went through so much eyeliner trying to perfect this cat eye look. Now, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will always just end up looking like we’ve been punched in both eyes. Someday, maybe!

Lovely lips
Rita Ora really knows how to rock a red lip! Apparently she uses Diptique lip balm to keep her lips soft, lines them with MAC Red lip pencil, and then fills it all in with MAC Red Lipstick and MAC Lip Pigment in crimson.

Brow beauty
Not happy with nabbing Ryan Gosling all to herself, Eva Mendez is also the proud owner of the best eyebrows in tinsel town. Check out that arch! Now THERE is a girl who didn’t over pluck in high school!