Opal Fruits are back! Dealz now selling the old school sweets

It's time to take a walk down memory lane because Opal Fruits are back! That's right, the rumours are true. The beloved childhood sweets are back in their true form and we cannot wait to pick up a packet. 

After 22 years, Opal Fruits have made their anticipated return and are exclusive to Dealz for two weeks before any other retailer, for a limited time only. With all the original flavours, orange, lime, lemon and strawberry, it's like nothing has changed!

Opal Fruits underwent a makeover in 1998 to the more widely known Starburst rebranding, much to fan's dismay, but for old times sake Opal Fruits are back and we re hoping they are here to stay.

You can pick up a share bag for €1.50 in Dealz. We'll be stockpiling on these treats so get down quick before they sell out!