One Direction star to wed at Buckingham Palace


Liam Payne has went and done something super sweet and accepted a fan’s marriage proposal.

And better yet – they’re to wed at Buckingham Palace!

Liam was proposed to by 16-year-old mega fan Ellie-Mae Morgan, who suffers from a rare brain condition.

The One Direction boys were taking part in a Q&A for the Rays of Sunshine charity, when Ellie’s mum Sam said, “Ellie would like to know whether Liam is available for marriage?”

To which big-hearted Liam replied, “I am currently available for marriage. I will see you tomorrow. We’ll have it at Buckingham Palace.”

Sam later said, “Ellie had just the best day ever. She didn’t stop smiling.

“They are all really lovely boys and just normal lads.”

Just too cute for words!