One Direction members finally comment on THAT baby news

Not too long ago 1D fans around the world were thrown into complete chaos with the news that member Louis Tomlinson was going to become a dad.

Since the news broke that L.A based stylist Briana Jungwirth was pregnant with the pop star’s child, there has yet to be a comment from the 23-year old himself.

Now band mate Liam Payne has spoken out on his friend’s impending fatherhood.

Speaking with Magic Radio Liam said that when he found out about the news he was “shocked”.

"Well, obviously I was a bit shocked but he's taken super well to it."

According to Liam, Briana is a “lovely girl” and Louis is “very excited” about the baby. Last month Briana’s father confirmed the pregnancy news but so far none of the band members have commented on Briana and the baby.

"He's very excited with what's going on with him at the moment and I feel that stuff like that happens sometimes. He's taking it very seriously,” Liam, 22, has said.

He was also asked about Zayn Malik’s exit and his new record deal with the RCA label.

Liam admitted that while hasn’t spoken to Zayn recently as he’s “off doing is own thing”.

He did explain that leaving a band is a very difficult decision:

"It is a difficult thing to leave the band, but his heart wasn't in it and you have to go with your heart and say I can't do this any more.”

He did say he is looking forward to hearing Zayn’s new music, saying:  "I'm dead excited to hear some of his stuff. I did a lot of work with him in the studio when he was in the band.”

Liam himself has written songs for Cheryl Fernandez- Versini and spent time in the recording studio with Pharell Williams but said that he won’t be going out solo any time soon.

“I love being in the band. I don't know if I could do it by myself now, it's all too comfortable."