Once weighing just 5st, Megan now uses her curves to inspire others

At her lowest point, Megan Jayne weighed just 5st, was kept alive by a feeding tube and told she had just weeks to live.

Though she wasn't diagnosed with anorexia until the age of 14, Megan says she had self-esteem issues from as early as five years old.

These days though, she has embraced her curves and uses images of her own body to inspire others, sharing pictures with her 44k Instagram followers on a daily basis. 

Megan might seem like she exudes body confidence, but she admits that even after her physical recovery she still couldn't wrap her head around the idea that curves could be beautiful.


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"My weight never relapsed back down to dangerously low, but my mind never truly recovered," she says on her website, BodyPosiPanda.

"I tripled my body weight in a year, and was thrown right back into a world of diet talk and airbrushed ideals, in a newly chubby body that I was disgusted with."


A simple dress and some sunshine feeling grateful for all of the little things

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Through the medium of social media though, Megan found a whole community of people who were proud of their bodies regardless of how they looked.

"Somehow I stumbled across a body positive hashtag, and saw all these people of every shape and size unapologetically loving themselves.

"Slowly, reluctantly, something dawned on me: I just could not live the rest of my life hating myself."


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Now, six years on, Megan describes herself as a "recovered anorexic and recovered self-loather," and she's using her experiences to help others.

"Whatever you’ve been taught to hate about yourself, whether it’s your weight, your height, your skin colour, your gender, your age, your ability – you are more than that thing," she says.