OMG, one of our absolute FAVE Christmas flicks is on RTE tonight

Two days to Christmas.

What does that mean?

In amidst the rushing to shops to buy last-minute presents, furiously wrapping and cramming in as many meeting with old friends as possible, there is always time for a Christmas staple – settling down in front of a good festive movie.

If you're staying in tonight, then you're in luck.

RTE One knows exactly what we want and they have slotted on the perfect feel-good Christmas flick at 9:30pm tonight.

It's none other than…The Holiday.

This 2003 rom-com has turned into a fully-fledged festive favourite – and we love it. 

In case you're unfamiliar with the plot – two miserable women on the cusp of Christmas partake in a life-swapping experiment.

Glowy Californian Cameron Diaz who works in movies and lives in a an L.A mansion swaps with Kate Winslet's quaint but quiet Surrey cottage.

It might sound a bit cheesy (and at times it is) but it fizzes with charm and the supporting cats of Jack Black, Jude Law and Eli Wallach make it a must-see come December.

We plan on whipping up that Baileys hot chocolate and settling down in front of the telly tonight – you should too. 

The Holiday, 9:3pm tonight, RTE One.