‘Ok, so’ 7 texts that prove you and your BFF are total #SquadGoals


Let’s be honest, we all think our BFF is the bee’s knees. She wouldn’t have the title if we didn’t.

But there are times when we genuinely believe our friendship with this person embodies the term ‘squad goals’.

From insisting the pair of you deserve your own TV show to openly admitting you feel sorry for people who aren’t privy to your daily updates, we’ve all done it.

And here are just 7 texts which prove you may just be onto something…

1. The ‘OK, so’ text

You only have to start a text with these two words, and your mate will respond that she’s ready, waiting and willing to own anyone who wronged you.

And will also have your back when it turns out the drama didn’t pan out as expected.

“OK so, I had it out with that one in work, and it turns out it WAS her milk in the fridge that time.”

2. The ‘Did you see it?’ text

When it comes to you and your BFF, there’s no need for longwinded messages or overly complicated lead-ins.

She knows which Facebook status you’re referring to, and yes she bloody did see it.

“I nearly liked it just to spite him.”

3. The ‘dying’ text

Sending your friend a close-up of your face after a night out is a prerequisite if you ever want inclusion in the Squad Goal realm.

The selfie in question must be accompanied by the word ‘dying’ and a similar one from herself must immediately ping back.

“Is it weird we’re sending this from the same bed?”

4. The ‘Can’t’ text

This can refer to absolutely anything; upcoming exam, hellish work day, or just life in general, but elaborating is not essential.

If she’s worth her salt (which she is) she’ll simply reply with a photo of a cocktail with your name on it.

“Name a date.”

5. The ‘Got your favourite’ text

This text doesn’t need any further explanation.

If your BFF is on her way to yours, and she sends this, you know she’s nailed it.

“I’ll have the kettle on.”

6. The ‘You’ve got this’ text

Your BFF is, to all intents and purposes, your sidekick and cheerleader, so it’s no surprise she’ll have your back when it comes to embarking on a new health and fitness plan.

From schooling herself on dishes you can prepare together to recommending healthy options, this girl has you covered.

“Have you tried Avonmore Super MIlk?! I hear it has all your daily sunshine vitamin D in one glass!”

7. The ”WTF?” text

Much like the ‘Did you see it?’ variety, this text needs little else to strike a chord with your mate.

Whether it’s a private reference to a group chat or a passing nod to a shady tweet, they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

“I was literally about to write the exact same thing.”


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