Kim Kardashian’s latest beauty advice is probably the worst EVER

At the coveted InStyle Awards this week, Kim Kardashian introduced make-up artist to the stars, Charlottle Tilbury.

Charlotte was annoucned Make-Up Artist of the Year, but in Kim's introduction, she shared some pretty controversial beauty advice. 

According to The Cut, Kim said: "Charlotte Tilbury is my hero because she has never let her husband see her without makeup on. She sleeps with her makeup on. She's my idol."

"She's inspired me when I am really lazy and I can't do my makeup the next day, so I'll sleep in my makeup. I know that's probably the worst advice, but she has all the magic creams to put on the next day to make up for it."​

Even though we love Kim for admitting she's a lazy girl at heart, we're not very impressed that she's breaking rule number one in beauty and skin care.