Off to college? Hurrah! Now, where did you leave the tin-opener…

You did it: you sat and survived your Leaving Cert – even nabbing a miraculous B1 in Honours Irish in process. You collected your results and held tight until yesterday morning when CAO tallies were released. 

In short, you’re now a proper adult; ready and willing to embark on your third-level education.

In fact, you reckon you have a whole host of challenging matters totally sorted: Sixth Year holiday; Debs date; term-time accommodation… not to mention a few mean dance-floor moves.

Still, have you considered the essentials? You know – like things to actually cook food with? Or devices on which to study?

No? Well, at least from next week Aldi is releasing a load of AMAZING kitchen essentials, gadgets and technology items to make the transition to college as hassle free as possible.

On sale from Thursday August 27 (stick the date in your phone), we reckon that a load of returning second, third, and fourth years will be updating their kitchens and their desks too with a few of the bargains.



Mini oven; €27.99

Accessories include baking tray, grill rack and tray handle – available in black, red or white. 

Double hot-plate; €29.99 

Super handy as it means you can have two pots cooking at once. Comes with an adjustable thermostat. 

Table-top fridge; €89.99 

This has a 45-litre capacity and an icebox with two fixed door racks with a removable wire shelf. Available in black or white.

One-cup coffee maker; €19.99 

Yes! One of our favourites, it features a reusable mesh filter and also includes a stainless steel thermo travel mug with a lid, so you can bring your morning coffee to lectures with you.  

Kitchen basics, from €1.99

Don’t forget about Aldi’s oven dish (€4.49), colourful wok (€5.99), chip and pizza tray (€3.49) and kitchen tools (€1.99 each) including a slotted turner, spaghetti spoon, masher, ladle or slotted spoon.

Kitchen gadgets, €1.99 each 

Get a cheese grater, peeler, pizza cutter, tin opener, garlic press or corkscrew. Available in five colours.

Sandwich box, €2.99 each 

Keep your sandwiches and snacks fresh in Aldi boxes – a must-have for anyone on a budget. Available in blue, pink or green.


And away from the kitchen, Aldi also has some handy, great-value gadgets for study…
MEDION AKOYA notebook; €229.99

An ideal budget-buy. It’s lightweight and features Windows 10 Home and Intel HD graphics. It also has a HD display, 32GB of flash memory, and 2GB memory. Then there’s the high-definition audio with two loudspeakers, an integrated webcam and microphone, and up to nine-hours of battery life.


Multi-purpose powerbank; €14.99

The pocket-sized power bank is the perfect accessory for travel or when you know you’ll be out all day and will need to charge your devices at some stage.


Bluetooth headphones; €24.99

High-quality sound on the move! These headphones are nice and light and allow you to stream music and phonecalls wirelessly. Available in four colours.


For all of the above and more to make the transition back to college even easier, head to Aldi on Thursday August 27 while stocks last.