Obsessed with MEMES? This guy’s creation is about to make your day

If you rely heavily on the use of memes while communicating with friends, you're about to find a new hero in Jason Wong.

Acknowledging that scrolling through a selection of memes can be therapuetic on so many levels, Jason has combined that activity with another adult pastime rapidly gaining momentum – the adult colouring book.

According to Jason, the Holy Meme Bible, which features some of the most popular memes of the last 12 months, acts as a record of some of the biggest events of 2016, and – more importantly – the public's response to them.

"This past year, many significant events occurred, and I noticed that many people on the internet, myself included, resorted to using these memes to either cope or respond to these events." Jason told BuzzFeed.

"I started going back in history of major social media accounts that posted internet memes and noting the stuff that I felt was significant. After putting all the pictures and ideas on a Google Doc, I sent it off to my designer."

"I wanted to document the number of memes that happened this past year and put it on a medium that no one has done before. Also, I needed money for tuition.” he added.

Jason, we thank you.