‘We can help’: Viewers praise Nurse Crane after harrowing storyline

Nurse Crane was the hero of last night’s Call The Midwife. The caring midwife came to the rescue of a mum-of-two who was suffering with a post-birth fistula. The mum felt hopeless after her husband left her for being “dirty” but Nurse Crane refused to give up on her.

Mrs Mohamed was afraid to go to the doctor and ashamed of her incontinence but Nurse Crane ensured she received the help and care she deserved.

She eventually let Nurse Crane examine her and then allowed her to escort her to the hospital. Phyllis offered Mrs Mohamed the friendship and love that she was in dire need of.

Viewers were quick to praise Nurse Crane, played by Linda Bassett, for her kindness and resilience.

One wrote: “I love Nurse Crane, she is just the most wonderful caring kindhearted nurse. And I so loved the friendship she had with Barbara and how she is on everybody’s level no matter their age, class, race, religion whatever. Be More Nurse Crane.”


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“Salma Hoque gave an incredible heartbreaking performance on a subject that is never talked about ..just superbly acted with the brilliant as ever Linda Basset,” another added.

“So much compassion in every episode of Call The Midwife but Nurse Crane's kindness this week has me in tears. Beautiful performances from Linda Bassett and Salma Hoque.”

Nurse Crane showed us that no woman should ever suffer in silence. She reminded viewers that help is always out there, no matter how isolated you are.

We already can’t wait for next week’s episode.