No need for Photoshop with these models


Photographer Jack Salzke was so sick of models being told they were only beautiful because of Photoshop and make-up, that he decided he needed to do something about it.

Talking about his mission, he said: “Whenever a model comes to shoot with me… she shows up looking beautiful. She hasn’t got make-up on yet, she hasn’t been Photoshopped yet, it’s just her. And that’s what I want to share with the world. I want to share the ‘before'”.

He doesn’t use Photoshop or make-up during the shoot, although he does make use of lighting to create the perfect picture.

He said: “Whenever you see a gallery online of models ‘caught’ without make-up, they’ve been caught in bad lighting, in an awkward position (maybe eating or talking) and they probably have some make-up on anyway.”

However, while he is trying to show off the women in their most natural form, the photographer does in fact remove temporary blemishes like spots – so we feel kind of cheated if we’re being honest.

Explaining why he removed certain blemishes, he said: “I will only be removing blemishes that will have disappeared within a day or two. Anything permanently on the models’ faces will remain such as scars and/or freckles.”

Talking about the project, the Australia based photographer said: “I want to demonstrate the true beauty of these models and prove to the world they DON’T need a ton of make-up or Photoshop to make them look great.”