No heels this time! Pregnant Kim wears fluffy slippers in public

As with her first pregnancy, expectant mum Kim Kardashian has been suffering with swollen ankles and water retention.

But this time around she's being a lot kinder to her body, and even taking steps to tone down the glamour a little for the sake of comfort.

The reality star was spotted leaving a hotel in San Diego on Wednesday having ditched her usual stilettos for something altogether more practical – a pair of fluffy white hotel spa slippers.

Of course, Kim looked totally primped and preened from the ankles up, with a skintight black jersey dress, a black cover-up, a full face of make-up and her hair down and straight.

Little North West matched her mama in a sleeveless black dress. though she wore black and white moccasins instead of slippers.

Back in 2013, Kim was pictured wearing a pair of nude and perspex heels that cut into her ankles, leaving many wondering she was taking things too far in the maternity style stakes.

For her second pregnancy, it seems Kim is being more strategic, spacing out high-fashion outfits with more low-key ones. 

And after donning a pair of strappy black skyscraper heels the night before for her grandmother's belated 81st birthday celebrations, it's no surprise Kim was feeling the burn yesterday morning.

Speaking about her pregnancy style on her new website and app, Kim, who will welcome a son in December, said she was done with trying to conceal her growing belly.

"I am confident and not trying to hide my bump. I actually want to accentuate it," she explained. 

"And yes, long coats to cover my fat arms and ass! It's such a trip how your body grows and changes, and at the end of the day, you have to wear what you are comfortable in and what you feel good in."