Nicola Coughlan and Kim Kardashian have iconic Twitter exchange


American royalty Kim Kardashian had an iconic Twitter exchange with Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan and we’re here for it!

As devoted fans of the glamorous, scandalous historical romance series, we absolutely devoured Bridgerton as soon as it arrived on Netflix last December, like pretty much everyone else.

However, mom-of-four Kim was a little late to the game, only diving into the series recently. Not that it matters though as she certainly wasn’t disappointed, openly admitting that she was completely hooked — and who could blame her?

Irish actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays the fan-favourite character of Penelope Featherington on Bridgerton, took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to address Bridgerton’s newest stan, asking Kim if she realises that the whole Kardashian clan were the inspiration behind Bridgerton’s Fetherington family.

“As the world’s number one @bridgerton Stan does @KimKardashian know that the Kardashians were a massive inspiration for the Featheringtons and we talked about them all the time during our fittings? Because I feel like she should know this,” Nicola wrote.

To Nicola’s utter shock, Kim herself replied to this revelation and then proceeded to gush about the show. “WHAT?!?! I am freaking out!!!!!!” Kim exclaimed, adding, “This tweet was sent to me on my @bridgerton group chat! Can I please come to a fitting?!?! It would make my whole life!!!!!! I love you Lady W!!!”

Well if that wasn’t the Twitter exchange of the century, we don’t know what is…

It doesn’t end there though. As a mega Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan, Nicola then replied to Kim’s fangirl moment with one of her own.

“Omg yesss of course we would love to have you! Also did you know that Mr Pearl made your corset for the Met Gala and the very next one he made was mine for Bridgerton? You’ve been part of the Bridgerton world for longer than you know!” the Derry Girls star wrote followed by three red heart emojis.

Kim can’t even believe what she’s hearing, as she goes on to reply, “OMG I’m gonna faint!!!!!! Does this make me an honorary Duchess in Bridgerton ?!?!?!? I am the corset Queen!!!”

Finishing off their Twitter conversation, Nicola excitedly replied, "Why of course, Duchess Kardashian of Calabasas! Lady Whistledown is happy to declare you the season’s true incomparable [diamond emoji]"

We can practically hear Kim on the phone right now lining up her cameo appearance in Bridgerton season two.