Nicky Byrne confirms new Westlife album is coming in 2 to 3 months

Calling all Westlife fans! A new album is officially on the way and it’s going to be with us in just a matter of months!

Dublin native and Westlife band member Nicky Byrne has confirmed that the boys have finished recording their next album and he’s even teased us about the upcoming release date.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday evening, the former radio presenter shared a snap of himself in his home recording studio, surrounded by some of Westlife’s previous awards and a snazzy grand piano.

“Recording our new album individually – and remotely from our homes has been one hell of an experience!” the 42-year-old dad-of-three explained.

“Dogs Barking, doorbell going, WiFi dropping out to mention just a few… but we got there in the end! Now fully recorded, it’s currently in the oven and cooking time is approx 2/3 months,” the World Of Our Own singer wrote in the caption, hinting at an autumn release date.

Continuing with this elaborate metaphor, Nicky said, “We may open the oven door at some point to sample our brand spanking new single as a starter…in the meantime trust me – it’s starting to smell Devine! For now our working title shall be.. #BangersNSmash”.


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This exciting new development comes just over one week after Westlife shared a photo of the boys meeting up for a drink together, and seeing each other in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

“A good ‘old fashioned’ catch up after 514 days apart! Great to be back together,” the caption read.

Earlier this year Westlife announced that they had parted ways with their old record label, EMI Records, due to “a change of leadership and a breakdown of contractual negotiations.” However, they also announced that this year would be their biggest one yet, including a brand new album and their biggest ever world tour.

“This will take us across 5 continents including a sold out Wembley stadium and for the first time ever, we will be bringing our live shows to America,” the announcement read. How exciting!