Yes! Nickleodeon’s Hey! Arnold is coming BACK to a screen near you

It's official! One of our favourite old school Nickelodeon cartoons is on its way back to us. 

According to Variety, Nickelodeon is planning to develop a TV movie about the beloved football-headed kid and his crew of misfit friends. 

The movie is going to tie up some loose ends that fans were left with when the show ended in 2004 (feeling old now?), including what happened to Arnold's parents. 

The executives behind the decision said that they weren't necessarily hoping that nostalgic millennials will watch it, although most of us will probably tune in to see what it's like with Helga, Gerald and the rest of the gang. 

"You have to remember people who are going to watch really don't have a recollection of ​Hey Arnold​!," Nickelodeon exec Russell Hicks told ​Variety​.

"You have to make it relevant to them but also nod to the audience that is going to be interested."​ 

There's no release date yet for the ​Hey Arnold! ​movie, but while you wait you can watch The Splat, Nick's new block of throwback programmes. Hurrah, we feel young again!