Niall and Louis are the TARGET of ‘disgusting’ messages on Whatsapp


Niall Horan seems to be having a lot of problems lately.

Not only are his new LA neighbours not happy with him, now he and fellow 1D member Louis Tomlinson, have come under fire on Whatsapp.

The pair revealed that they have been receiving "disgusting" messages on the messaging app, and frankly, they're pretty fed up with it.

Taking to Twitter last night, Louis wrote: "Time to change my number.. Getting some disgusting stuff on Whatsapp (sic)… Losers!"

Shortly after, Niall jumped to his BFF's side, saying: "Me too mate. Horrific. Some of the things people are saying (sic)."

Trying to make the ordeal a little light-hearted, Louis then suggests they have a rap battle with the haters.

However, it looks like Niall has totally had enough as he later tweeted: "I wonder when they'll stop annoying us!"

Hopefully one day, Niall!