Newlyweds’ photo goes viral for all the wrong reasons


We'll be honest, we've seen some fairly scaldy photos in our time.

They mostly consisted of us, our friends, a seriously dodgy group dance and a questionable amount of wine, but those photos don't come close to scaring us as much as this one did.

When newlyweds, Kevin and Christina Denis from Virginia, pored over snaps of their recent wedding they failed to notice a sinister presence lurking behind them until a few of their friends made the daring move to point it out on Facebook.

Stunned to see what looked like a ghoulish face positioned between their happy smiling ones, Kevin drew attention to the snap online, saying: "Me and my wife's favourite wedding photo… Until we saw what was between us… We still don't know who it was."

Intrigued by the unwanted addition to the photo, members of the public decided to play detective with one individual joking online that it may be a possible future family member, saying: "It's your unborn baby."

Ehm, moving on.

Another, perhaps more astute member of the public, came to the conclusion we were all tying ourselves in knots over nothing, saying: "I am pretty certain that that is the folds of someone's pinkish cardigan."

Yeah, try telling us that the afternoon after a serious night on the Jáegers.

Thankfully, we need no longer worry because the sinister cardigan faced creep has been removed from the photo by a helpful Reddit user in a move which led doting husband Kevin to say: "Thank you very much! My wife really appreciates it…now she's happy again. Happy wife = Happy life."

Hey, what's that behind you?