New watch can calculate when you will die

A man has invented a watch that he claims can calculate your life expectancy, and even tell you when you are going to die.

The Tikker, created by Swedish inventor Fredrik Colting, processes your medical and health history to provide you with the exact time of your death.

While it’s unlikely that the Tikker will make for a wonderful birthday gift for family and friends, its creator insists that users should the information to enrich their lives and make the most of the time they have left with their loved ones.

Now for the science behind the watch. To generate their life expectancy, users are asked to fill in the details of both their and their family’s medical history, as well as lifestyle habits including whether they smoke, or drink alcohol.

The Tikker then processes the user’s score, deducting their age, to generate their specific life expectancy span.

While you may have been expecting an exorbitant price tag, the Tikker can be purchased online for a fairly reasonable £49.99.