Study reveals which song represents your star sign

Do you believe in the power of star signs? If so, then listen up! A report has revealed which track perfectly represents your zodiac sign, and the results are freakishly accurate. researched the most popular trait for each star sign and then examined Spotify playlists with each trait in the title. The top songs and artists from these playlists were then analysed and collated. The full findings can be seen below:

Star Sign: Aries

Track Name: Daddy Issues

Artist: The Neighbourhood

Trait: Passionate


Star Sign: Taurus

Track Name: You Should See Me In A Crown

Artist: Billie Eilish

Trait: Ambitious


Star Sign: Gemini

Track Name: Life Goes On

Artist: BTS

Trait: Smart


Star Sign: Cancer

Track Name: Falling

Artist: Harry Styles

Trait: Emotional


Star Sign: Leo

Track Name: Hurts So Good

Artist: Astrid S

Trait: Bold


Star Sign: Virgo

Track Name: Clair de Lune, L. 32

Artist: Claude Debussy

Trait: Sophisticated


Star Sign: Libra

Track Name: Roygbiv

Artist: Boards of Canada

Trait: Intelligent


Star Sign: Scorpio

Track Name: No Scrubs

Artist: TLC

Trait: Independent


Star Sign: Sagittarius 

Track Name: She

Artist: Harry Styles

Trait: Strong-willed


Star Sign: Capricorn

Track Name: 'Till I Collapse

Artist: Eminem

Trait: Hard-working


Star Sign: Aquarius

Track Name: Blinding Lights

Artist: The Weekend

Trait: Unique


Star Sign: Pisces

Track Name: Sweater Weather

Artist: The Neighbourhood

Trait:  Creative

The findings show that the smart Geminis among us have their heads screwed on straight with Life goes on by BTS revealed as their top track. 

Meanwhile fiery Leos are more suited to dramatic ballads like Hurts so good by Astrid, whilst sophisticated Virgos’ leading song is Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy.

Or if you're an emotional cancer like me then you'll feel quite at home listening to Harry Styles belt out Falling all day long.