New study finds that the happiest Irish people are…


Researchers in UCC looked at data submitted by 2,500 Irish respondents to a European Social Survey in 2010, and found that the happiest people are under 30, or over 65.

Great news, we’re sure you’ll agree – not! We are approaching our thirtieth with a whole new sense of dread now!

The study found that the happiest of people were over 65, lived in rural Ireland, had jobs, had regular contact with their children and were religious.

What was interesting however, was that the amount of money you had only had a modest impact on your level of happiness – but whether or not you had a job made a big difference.

There was no difference between men and women, but those who had a third level qualification were said to be happier.

Dr. Edel Walsh said: “Overall, it bears out literature showing that we are at our happiest when younger or older, while not so during those transitional ages in our 30s and 40s.”