New podcast ‘The Smart 7 Ireland Edition’ is well worth a listen

The Smart 7 Ireland Edition is a new podcast that’s well worth a listen.  With a fresh episode uploaded each weekday at 7 am, The Smart 7 Ireland Edition is THE daily news podcast delivering the biggest 7 stories from across the globe within 7 minutes. Anchored by Irish broadcast journalist Paul Connolly the podcast will bring you up to speed each morning in the time it takes you to enjoy your first coffee. The Smart 7 is the brainchild of Daft Doris, founded by audio expert Liam Thompson and media maestro Jamie East, who voices the already highly successful UK version.

So, if the prospect of…

  • Facing the Twitter wormhole gives you the chills when you read what Health Minister Stephen Donnelly latest gaffe is…
  • Or, wading through two hours of topical news radio to find out what is going on is making you tired…
  • Or you cannot bear the thought of doom scrolling through Facebook in search of actual news…

Then The Smart 7 Ireland Edition is the answer – your News Espresso to start the day.

The Smart 7 Ireland Edition podcast will land each and every weekday at 7 am along with a recap of the week’s main news every Saturday. The Smart 7 UK has experienced great success since its debut in April 2020 hitting over 4m downloads across all podcast platforms, propelling it to sit in pride of place as one of Spotify’s UK Top 5 News Podcasts. It consistently places in the Top 20 for all the platform’s podcasts and in the Top 20 of Apple’s Daily News Podcast charts. The Smart 7 UK already has Irish fans as it regularly features in the Irish News podcast charts and so the idea for the Ireland Edition was born.

On the concept for The Smart 7, co-creator Liam Thompson commented:

“The Smart 7 podcast started as a discussion between myself and Jamie East about what was being overlooked in the podcast market. The US was experiencing huge growth in the daily news podcast category, driven largely by the success of the New York Time’s podcast ‘The Daily’, but we couldn’t find anything equalling it over here.

With The Smart 7’s large audience reach, our production company, Daft Doris, has been looking to expand in to other markets and content verticals… We are in the process of creating other exciting offerings including science, entertainment, business, health and wellness across Ireland and the UK.

Being Irish I will of course be passionate about ensuring that each episode of The Smart 7 Ireland Edition will have a strong local flavour, along with the biggest international stories.”

Produced by Daft Doris Productions, The Smart 7 also provides a Saturday round-up of that week’s biggest stories.

A new episode of ‘the smart 7' is released daily at 7 am. Listen to ‘the smart 7’ here and across all of your favourite podcast platforms.