New ‘naggy’ Facebook button lets friends ask why you’re single


Most single gals dread the moment they’re asked about their relationship status.

And some cheeky so-and-so’s go as far as to ask WHY you’re single – to which you list work commitment, toxic exes, ‘standards’ and just generally revelling in your single fabulousness!

Well, now a new Facebook button lets your friends ask you if and WHY you’re single, and vice versa!

The ‘ask’ button appears on the profiles of users who have left their relationship status blank.

Once you’re sent an ‘ask’ request, you’ll receive a notification that says: ‘Hello! I am wondering about your relationship!’

You can either ignore it or respond, with the option of sending it back to you directly or sharing it with the general public.

While the social media site has had an option to ‘ask’ for a friend’s phone number, address and email for a while now, the relationship status ‘ask’ button is a new development – and not everyone is happy about it.

One person wrote on Twitter, “If Facebook wasn’t already the biggest invasion of privacy, you can now “ask” people about their relationship status.”

Others called it ‘naggy’ with one person writing, “How awkward is that Facebook devoted a single button to ask your friends why they’re single?”

Hmmmm…we’re not sure how we feel about this ourselves!